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To GMWSS Customers:

Each year the Bluegrass Area Development District, made up of seventeen counties in Central Kentucky, publishes a water and wastewater rate book. In October 2017, the latest update was released. According to the report:

GMWSS has the lowest water and wastewater utilities rates in Central Kentucky.


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2017 Water Rates

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2017 Sewer Rates

GMWSS Sewer Rates

GMWSS has been made aware that there is an intermediate payment gateway service called DOXO that is posing as a GMWSS partner of sorts.
Their service appears as a link in some Internet web searches with GMWSS' information.

DOXO is not affiliated with GMWSS. They also charge a service fee, unlike GMWSS.

Doxo payments take 3-5 business days to be sent, and GMWSS has no way to confirm that a payment is in process.

GMWSS recommends to only use our FREE and immediate payment service (directly from the website) or your own bank for best security and financial protection.

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