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Non-Flushable Material Information

Wipes Clog Pipes

*Just because something is labeled "flushable" does NOT mean that it is also dispersible. Toilet paper, a flushable product, will break down and pass through the sewer system... "flushable" wipes will NOT.

*"Flushable wipes" accumulate in the sewer lines and customers' laterals causing blockages that are costly for both homeowners and municipalities.

*Blockages can cause damage to homeowners' property and create environmental issues.

*Cleanup costs ultimately get passed along to the customer.

For more information, call GMWSS at 859-509-3689

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It's a Toilet, NOT a Trash Can
Never flush the following items (or put down the garbage disposal or drain). Toss them in the trash instead.

*Baby/Facial/Cleaning Wipes
*Sanitary Napkins
*Dental Floss
*Cotton Swabs/Balls
*Rags and Towels
*Rubber items (like latex gloves)
*Fat, Cooking Oil, Grease

*Clothing Labels
*Candy/Food Wrappers
*Cigarette Butts
*Disposable Toilet Brushes
*Kitty Litter
*Aquarium Gravel
*Plastic Items
*Fruit Stickers
*Paper Towels

Only Flush the 3 P's -Pee, Poop, and (toilet) Paper.

*Another major cause of sewer blockages and spills is grease.

*Cooking grease should be poured into a container and put into the trash when cool.

*Wiping down cooking pots and pans before washing can help keep grease out of your sewer lines.

*Sewer backups and spills can cost homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs and cleanup. Keep grease OUT of your drains.

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