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Commercial Customer Information

Water / Sewer / Garbage Service Areas
For Water and / or Sewer Service in Georgetown, Kentucky.

Please note that if GMWSS provides only Sewer coverage in your area, then you must also sign up for water service with Kentucky American Water (and vice versa).

GMWSS bills Garbage Collection for the City of Georgetown.
Additional Garbage Information.

Click map to verify the services GMWSS provides in your area.

GMWSS Water/Sewer/Garbage Service Areas

Specifications for Engineers and Contractors

All new developments, new subdivision construction and design, etc.
shall follow these specifications and standard details:

Water and Sewer Availability Request Form

Water / Sewer Availability Request Form (March 2020)

 - Download Form and use Adobe Acrobat Reader to have it perform automatic calculations.

Water Specifications

Water Specifications - Water Distribution System Manual (February 2021)

Standard Water Details

Standard Water Details (Updated September 2020)

Standard Sewer Details

Standard Sewer Details (Updated April 2020)

Standard General Notes

Standard General Notes (Updated February 2021)


Fire Hydrant Protocol

Fire Hydrant Protocol








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