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GMWSS Portal Sign Up is required for online payments.

  • GMWSS Account No. and *Amount Due from most recent Bill are required
    to sign up for GMWSS Portal.  (*Amount Due is the current billed amount before any penalties are applied).
  • GMWSS accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Electronic Checks!
  •  E-Check information
    • Please be aware when paying by E-Check, your GMWSS account, as well as your bank account, may be updated immediately and funds must be available to cover your payment.
    • In the event of non-sufficient funds in the bank account you will be responsible for your bank fees, a $25.00 fee charged by GMWSS and possible disconnection fees.
  •  Customer credit/debit/banking information is secured.
    • The online transaction uses 2048-bit encryption technology to provide the safest possible environment for your information.
  • Customers must enter credit/debit/banking account information each time a payment is made.
    • This is because GMWSS does not store (or even receive) ANY payment account data.
    • Credit/Debit Card transactions are validated by a third party partner that confirms the account number, expiration date, billing address, and zip code are correct.  If so, the amount is deducted from the account and credited to GMWSS and the customer account.
    • Credit Card and Checking account numbers are NOT stored by GMWSS
      nor the third party authenticator.
    • GMWSS does not receive actual account numbers, only the funds deducted from the transaction.
  • Credit / Debit Card Company Billing Statement information MUST match what is entered on the payment screen (including any abbreviations), or the transaction will not be processed.
    • When making a payment, the GMWSS Service Name and Address are listed by default.
    • GMWSS Service Name/Address and Credit Card Company Billing Name/Address do not have to match; it is the GMWSS account number that determines where the service credit is applied. The Name, Address, and Zip Code are authenticators for the Credit/Debit Card processing.
  • Declined Debit / Credit card payments
    • If an online payment is declined, it may temporarily show a charge to your bank account.
    • Certain banks will debit the requested amount from the account before the transaction is completed. Basically they put a hold on the funds while the process is validated.
    • GMWSS only receives payment for the validated transaction; any others are the banks’ responsibility to return to the customer’s account as they were prematurely held.
    • It is the specific bank’s policy which determines how and when the electronic transactions are processed; GMWSS has no control over that. Usually within a business day they replace the funds.
    • For this reason, it is important that Billing information is entered correctly.
  • If applicable, please configure any spam filters to allow e-mail from and
    • GMWSS is not responsible for blocked or misrouted e-mail bills or receipts.
  • E-bill preferences can be changed using the 'Modify Account' option in GMWSS Portal.
  • E-bills contain a hyperlink within the e-mail which provides direct access to the GMWSS Portal login page and automatically includes the customer User ID.  (More convenient.)
  • E-mail addresses are not shared with third parties nor used for any purpose other than to send e-bills, payment receipts, or for contact from GMWSS Customer Service.

For customers facing termination of service,
payment must be received by 4:30pm on the day before the scheduled termination date to avoid service shut-off.

GMWSS Portal Tour






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